COTAS  becomes PDES

“Protocol Database Exchange Server” replaces the COTAS communication modules between DEIF Delomatic 3  Generator Control and Lanng & Stelman “ MEMAC” system .


The system consists of three major components

  1. Everything concerning PMS Power Management System , including control of the main breakers and generators is built by DEIF. Each generator has its own Delomatic control system and CP1 module as Man Machine interface. The system communicates with Delomatic 1 over a LAN communication network, including all data for generators, busbar, breakers etc.
  2. The data from DEIF cannot be read by MEMAC system because the network’s are different. Not only the protocol is different,  also the capacity for data is not compatible. For this reason a Protocol Database Exchange Server is needed to handshake both system.
  3. All inputs and outputs are directly fed into the L&S I/O modules and available on the MEMAC screens all over the vessel. The data concerning PMS however is retrieved from the PDES (former COTAS now obsolete).

Description of Obsolesence

The DEIF Delomatic modules are not able to communicate directly with the L&S IP300 CPU. The ships generators communicate over a LAN system between the DEIF Delomatic and his control units CP-1. The L&S system communicates over a RS 232 system.

“COTAS” wrote a conversion program for the two manufacturers to communicate. The problem is that this company does not exist anymore and no more spare parts are available. The protocol is not available. This means that when this component fails, ALL controls over generators is lost and no longer available on the MEMAC system. The manufacturer states that the lifetime of the used EPPROM’s is around +/- 10 years.

Failure of the COTAS module results influences the UMS specifications.






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