Increasing pollution from ships

Due to increased traffic development, shipping industry has become a massive source of pollution.

IMO has set to limit the shipping air pollution.

Shore Connection Technology Principle

Power is supplied to ships berthed via a direct connection to the port electrical network.

Ship power load is transferred to the shore side supply without interrupting the onboard services.

Shipshav to turn off their generators and eliminate :

  • Air Polution
  • Vibrations
  • Noises

Schneider Electric Marine

With over 90 years experience in marine and offshore industry, Schneider Electric has a deep knowledge of this environment and its specific requirements that enable us to provide a complete supply of power & control solutions dedicated to marine applications and after sales services as well as dedicated to marine activity

More than 5 000 ships at sea sail with Schneider Electric solutions:

  • Cruise Ship & ferry
  • Container
  • Tanker, VLCC, LNG & LPG
  • General Cargo, bulk, RO-RO
  • FPSO, Drillings ship, Offshore plateform
  • Special vessel, crane, harbour
  • Navy surface vessel
  • Submarines in 8 countries

EMIS Energy Management Information System

Energy management will then integrate into port processes

  • Safe
    • Monitor, alarm & control real time the port electrical network
    • In case of incident, secure installation, then analyze root causes
  • Reliable
    • Monitor, operate diagnostic & maintenance of the equipments
    • Monitor & improve energy quality
  • Efficient
    • Monitor & control energy supply & consumption
  • Productive
    • Allocate smoothly berth & staff to operate shore connection
    • Monitor operations efficiency, equipment usage, capacity & availability
    • Collect elements to invoice & sub bill
  • Green
    • Report environmental impact

A new business is coming into the port

  • Shore connection it’s a lot of electrical energy
    • A small 1 MVA Ferry = A village of 250 habitants
    • A big 20 MVA Cruise Ship = A city of 5 000 habitants
  • Electricity cannot be stocked
  • Electricity costs vary a lot
    • To optimize their infrastructure usage
    • Utilities encourages a global consumption as linear as possible
  • As a consequence, a new business is coming to the port
    • Plan & supply lots of electrical energy, at the best rate
    • And provide it to the ships

Shore connection brings new elements into port’s environment

  • New equipments
    • From grid to berth, to operate & maintain
  • New dangers
    • High Voltage and heavy cables at berth
  • New services
    • Provide electrical energy to vessels
  • New processes
    • Connect physically vessels at shore
    • Invoice for the energy supplied
  • New supplies
    • Buy big quantities of energy
  • New reporting
    • Comply to MARPOL regulations



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