Replace the control of your machine by a compact, high-technological machine control system. The most cost-friendly solution for small to medium-sized series.

The best solution for the control of machinery equipement:

  • User-friendly
  • Personalised keyboard
  • Direct information on large display
  • Shock, vibration and water-resistant
  • Lowest fall out degree
  • Highest accuracy
  • Easy to service (plug & play)
  • Endless technical possibilities (OPX protocol serial communication)

Some application fields:

  • Crush - and screening units
  • Gensets
  • Transport installation
  • Alarm systems
  • Pitch propeller system...

The MCU-800 has been developed to overcome all the problems that actually occur in most of the machine control systems:

  • The MCU-800 puts an end to all failures due to bas contacts and screw connections in the control unit
  • The fault search is limited to a minimum. Large self-control of the unit with clear message on the display.
  • In the worst event, the unit is easy to replace by a standard replacement unit done by any local operator.
  • The frontpanel is easy to use by every normal operator without any knowledge of control units.
  • Easy settings due to direct information on the display.
  • Very restricted installation measurements. (space saving)
  • The communication software is OPC compliant
  • The higher technological level makes the unit more accurate and efficient
  • The unit is the most cost-friendly system for small and medium series.
  • The system has proven its efficiency and reliability in different sectors:
    • 10.000 ton sea vessel : Control of Propulsion variable pitch propeller
    • 16000 HP engine: Control of main engine revolutions on a sea going vessel
    • Generator sets: Control and safeties of generator sets
    • Water treatment system: Alfa-Laval
    • Juice dosing system: Control of drum filling system

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications can be found here:MCU-800 Technical Specifications


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